Upcoming activities, updates and contact information, etc.

Next year, in the summer of 2020, we will be getting together for the seventh reunion since 2002! Our first meeting in 2002 saw over 400 descendants to Bengt (Benedictus) Granroth meet up in Jakobstad. The theme for our meeting in 2020 will be: "Back to the roots", and we hope to see many descendants to Granroth emigrants join us in Jakobstad on the fourth of July 2020.

Our web pages have been updated and the format has been modernized. Members who have paid their dues can now log on to the closed pages as well. There you will find photographs from family and association reunions, reports from our Scotland trips and more. Excerpts from the family chronicle and private collections can also be found here.

Slktfreningen Granroth-Junes Sukuseura slktvapenIn 2014 we approved of a family Coat of Arms (in blue and silver) that was registered with the Heraldic Society of Finland. Pins with this Coat of Arms are available for 5 EUR each from our Secretary Kristina Fors and Treasurer Katri Vilppola. If you want to use the Coat of Arms for other purposes, please be in touch with the Board (email: info@granroth.fi) for approval.

In addition to genealogy, our association Slktfreningen Granroth - Junes Sukuseura r.f. also arranges meetings, lunches, trips and travels. Geographically we are centered around Jakobstad in Ostrobothnia, but we also organize events down South around Helsingfors. An example is the outing to various country mansions in Eastern Nyland in May this year.

We have started the update of our Family Chronicle, "The Granroths over three centuries". The previous edition was published in 2010 and an update is now overdue. Please tell us about recent developments and happenings in your part of the family. Do send your material to our Chairman Ingegerd Ekstrand. In the closed pages of our web site you will find a form that you can fill in with the latest. You can also send the material directly to Ingegerd on email ingegerd@granroth.com.

How can I join the association?

Get in touch with info@granroth.com to check whether you are a member of the wider Granroth family. The annual fee is 5 euros. When paying, please let us know for whom and for what year payment is being made. You can pay for a number of years in one go! If you pay 10 euros now, you will automatically be eligible to join our big formal family AGM at our reunion next year.

As a member you are entitled to log in to the societys private pages. To get more information about this, please, contact our Web Master, Petra Wessman (contact info on Contacts -page).

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